Confidence – Do You Build It? Or Are You Born With It?

Confidence – Do You Build It? Or Are You Born With It?

Confidence Is Key

I only have it in me to listen to about 1 or 2 podcasts each week. I find music to be more relaxing on my drive. So when someone sends me a podcast (Chris sends them often…shocker!), it has to really catch my eye to get me to listen. Last week, I listened to one about leadership. They said this:

Confidence is a skill which can be developed and strengthened. It is willingness to try something knowing your outcome may not be ideal.

I thought this was interesting. I find myself to be fairly confident. At least I like to think so. And honestly, I think most of the members at CPM seem to have confidence. So how did we get that confidence? Walking into CPM takes some confidence, doesn’t it? The workouts can appear intimidating (watch my Instagram stories), some of the member’s physiques might be intimidating, even Chris’ outgoing personality might be a little intimidating to some 😉

But by doing the workouts, participating in classes, speaking up during class… you are using and building your confidence!

I have one child with an incredible amount of confidence. Is it possible to be too confident? 😂 And another that lacks confidence. How can they be so different? I’m constantly wondering what I can do to continue to build both of them up. Imagine if YOU had been given more guidance in your pre-teen to teenage years.

You Are Good Enough

I love this quote. We are all good enough. BUT… (and this is a big BUT) it doesn’t mean we can’t be better. Continue to work on your health, family life, confidence. It’s ok to want to improve. Our world is constantly preaching that every personality, every body type, every one of us is ok just as we are. While that may be true, is it really such a bad thing to want to be better? NO! Take control of your life, set some goals and kick some a**!

And remember… confidence is key. Trust yourself and know that you are on the right path.

Workout of the Day:
Part A: AMRAP 10
5 Knees to Elbow
10 MB Side Taps
15 Sit-ups (2ct.)
20 Mt. Climbers

B: In 15-minutes:
10 TGU
200m Farmer Carry
30 Burpee Box Jumps
200m Farmer Carry
30 Sumo DLHP
200m Farmer Carry
MAX Wall Walks