Confidence is KING!

Confidence is KING!

We’ve heard the term, “Cash is king!” in the financial world.

Well in the Health and FITness world… “Confidence is KING!”

Our lives are a direct reflection of the way we see ourselves and nothing more. Our relationships, bank account, waistline, happiness is all the result of our self identity (more info HERE)

I’ve seen this scenario over and over in the FITness world. Someone has TRULY COMMITTED to changing their life! They are going to #get2thegym, eat healthier, physcially transform and nothing is going to stop them.

The truth is everything will fail if you don’t have enough self confidence. And the truth about self confidence is most people don’t truly know how to build it.

Until today… 🙂


A. Keeping promises that you make to yourselves.
Self confident people are self trusting people. They have this habit over time that when they tell themselves they are going to do something they actually deliver on it. If you stack up those wins over time…

-If I’m going to get up in the morning at a certain time.
-If I’m going to the gym.
-If I’m going to eat a certain way.

If you begin to keep those promises to yourself you will continue to trust yourself. And you can rely on you. That is the foundation of all confidence is built on.

B. Having Congruency.
Giving self confidence to someone else is an even more powerful tactic to building it yourself. However I can’t transfer something to you that I don’t experience myself. You can’t give what you don’t have. Really influential and powerful people are congruent people. They actually live and breath what they do.

C. Immediate Action.
“I can’t teach you to steer a parked car.” You have to be in motion and in action. The real way we know you’ve made a decision to change is it’s followed up with immediate massive action.

Watch this video POWERFUL video below for more INCREDIBLE insight..

The O-Board Says…

4 Rounds:
3 minutes Max Cal Row
2 Min Max Double Unders
1 min Max Muscle ups / Ring Dips

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