Congrats Ebeth and Tyler!!!

Congrats Ebeth and Tyler!!!

A Night To Remember …

Saturday one of my dearest friends AKA Ebeth said “I Do” to a wonderful gentlemen/CPM member Tyler Ahlers.

The Day was beautiful and had so many wonderful elements that really made me reminisce.

There are moments in life where time stands still and you realize this will be a moment that will never be forgotten.

There is so much leading up to this big day and the day is just the beginning of the “rest of your life together”.

I looked at the two love birds and realized how young, naive, and raw they were in their relationship. They were babies in marriage and you think you have it “All Figured Out”.

I love that feeling, but I am also so thankful for the place I am in my marriage today!

It has taken hard work, dedication, and commitment; I would not have it any other way!

I believe to be successful at anything you first need commitment, then continue to be dedicated, and a never give up working attitude and the result will be positive and successful.

I think of times in our marriage or business when it starts to get difficult. You don’t want to grow and get better, but your commitment to the marriage takes over your “need” becomes greater than your want.

It is the daily habits that creates the success or the failure.

Looking at my friends Saturday night excites me for the “Work” they get to endure. This is a blessing, because blood, sweat, tears, laughter, and love creates a bond that will not be broken.

The O-Board Says…

2 Rounds:

3 min MAX Row Cals
3 min MAX Sit-Ups
3 min MAX Walking Lunges
3 min MAX Doubles
3 min MAX Push-Ups

Posted by: Annie