Control the things YOU Can While YOU Still Can…

I will never forget when D told me she was off Diabetes Meds for good

Our body is a gift from above. Within it is UNLIMITED potential. I am amazed everyday each time I learn something new or see something inspiring.

I think it is very very easy to take our bodies and FITness for granted. We are in the midst of the CrossFit Games season. The FITest of the FIT are climbing and clawing their way up the leaderboards. Standards of the WODs are a very hot topic everyday. Lots of CrossFitters are obsessed with watching the leaderboards throughout the day. Lots of us are getting caught up in the heat of this competition so much to the point that it can be too competitive and lose sight of what CrossFit and FITness is really all about.

What is FITness truly mean to you?

It should be more than just HIGH performance and good looks. FITness not only improves our quality of life but also saves our life. Diseases, obesity, sedentary are higher than they have ever been. A typically CrossFitter can consider themselves among the FITest average American. Seriously who can do pullups that doesn’t CrossFit…not many.

Before you get too caught up with the competition think about how lucky we are to have our health and the opportunity to continue to improve it.

I have 2 stories for you:

The first is from my new box: CrossFit 818

The other day I had the distinct pleasure of meeting an incredible young lady during her introduction at our gym. Like many of the men and women who walk through our doors, she worked out a bit on her own, but wanted to take her training to the next level. She got through the short workout we put her through with little trouble and then let us know that she had to quickly get ready and
leave… She was on her way to have surgery.

This young lady, along with everything else she does day in and day out, is battling (and winning) a fight against cancer! And yet, before her scheduled surgery that same morning, she came in to CrossFit 818 to continue her journey towards health and fitness. Her determination in the face of unimaginable hardship was simultaneously inspiring and humbling. That determination made me consider all of the times I looked for reasons not to get into the gym, not to do something I
knew was good for me… I found those reasons to be flimsy in the face of a courageous young woman, who came in for a workout the same morning she was going in for a surgery to continue her battle against cancer. Read the rest of the post HERE

The other is about the picture above from my old box. Diane came to me back in April of 2009 with full blown diabetes. She was doing everything the doctors said to do, exercise and eat right. The problem was the stuff the doctors told her to do the traditional diet and exercise program was dead wrong! Her blood levels were going the wrong way and she needed a change. To make a long story short. She followed CrossFit 3-5 times a week and started making the necessary Paleo’ish change to her lifestyle and BOOM! December 2010 she came to me, over 50lbs lighter btw, and was completely of medication! It is an amazing and inspiring moment.

My point is for those of us that are healthy and able to exercise, eat and be merry be thankful, grateful and responsible. Our health is on our side. Don’t let it get to the point where you can’t control your health anymore. We are playing with our lives people.