CPM 201.. FIT Habits…

CPM 201.. FIT Habits…

Moving forward to Part 2/2 of our Healthy version(s) of ‘Rich Habits’. Last week we discussed some ‘FIT Habits’ to focus on. Those habits will give you a great advantage on the majority of people starting an exercise program. This week we are going to take it to the next level! Everyone gets motivated. Anyone can get some results by moving their bodies more and eating a little healthier. But the minority of the population actually stick to it! It is easy when you are motivated. I believe the true definition of commitment is…

“Doing what you said you are going to do, long after the mood in which you said it has passed.”

Here are some CPM 201 FIT Habits…

Train Motivation
Every January MILLIONS of people set and our ready to take on their new years resolutions! The next year in January MILLIONS of the same people do the same thing… Over and over and over again! When you ask them why, what do they say? They lose motivation. I say you don’t understand motivation.

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Have Your Targets
In any business they have certain numbers (targets) to hit. When you hit your targets you do your job effectively and excel in your field. When you don’t hit your target you are not effective. Your body works the same way. You can guarantee results when you hit your targets (certain # of workouts and number of compliant meals per day/week/month). 

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Control Your Surroundings
If you want to be rich; Hang out with Rich People. If you want to be FIT; Hang out with FIT people. It really is that simple… That’s right I didn’t say easy.

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What have been some other ‘FIT Habits’ that have been a game-changer for you in your quest for a FIT and Healthy Lifestyle??

The O-Board Says…

A. For Quality
Odd: HS Hold
Even: Reverse Deficit Lunges

B. For Time:
400 m Run
1 min Rest
800 m Run
2 min Rest
1200 m Run
3 min Rest
1600 m Run

Post by Chris; @cmoknows