CPM – Adult Recess Manifesto

CPM – Adult Recess Manifesto

“We need to think like a kid more and act like an adult a little less:-)”

When a prospect is interested in CPMFITness. They want to know what makes us unique or different from other gyms around town. So I hit on all the obvious features and benefits:

  • Great Coaches who care and are congruent with the message.
  • Awesome workouts that are different, effective and challenging.
  • Our leadership. We learn, evolve and are always seeking the path of excellence; physically, mentally and emotionally.

But what is our secret weapon??

Most gyms would say ‘community’. But that is such a over exploited term now-a-days that it doesn’t hold any true meaning anymore.

I like to say that CPMFITness secret weapon is = Adult Recess

I believe adults are just grown up kids, if you aren’t you are missing the boat.

Life can get waay to serious waay to fast with carreer’s, kids, family, our health, church, friends, cleaning, cooking, driving, social events… When our plate gets overfilled with commitments and we get too stressed we lose the joy and the juice of life we once had growing up as a child.

Remember ‘Recess’?

Everyday in the years of 1985 – 1994 (M-F) at 10am the recess bell would ring at my elementary school, St. Joseph’s in Placentia, CA and our class would go nutz! We would get out of class as fast as we could to hang with our buddies, move our bodies, play, laugh, sweat and have FUN! We’d play basketball games, touch football, chase the girls, climb all over the monkey bars and let our imagination run wild. It was the most natural and primal thing(s) our brains and bodies needed at that time!

Now as an adult with our fast paced life, too many commitments and it being too easy to stress out… Where is that carefree attitude and environment that we had when we were kids that we need the most as adults?

So this prospect will ask me, “What are your classes like?” And I simply reply, “Oh they are like ‘Adult Recess’

We laugh, hang with our gym buddies, crack jokes, climb on the rig (monkey bars), move our bodies, sweat a lot, we leave all the stress, anxiety, frustrations of our day outside of the gym walls. We are carefree for at least an hour out of our day and give our bodies what they instinctively crave physically, mentally and emotionally.

Fun is 1st at CPMFITness. Yes, safety is BIG. Of course, results are important. But they will only get you so far. If something becomes a chore or feel like a job you have more of a chase of not sticking with it. What happens when life throws you a curve ballĀ and you really lose the motivation for working out or taking care of yourself?

When something is so fun that you are drawn towards it. When something becomes the highlight of your day. When all you want to do is share your great experience(s) with others. You have found yourself a great place with a great culture that be a sustainable solution for the long haul!

For more info our creating these kinds of experiences in your life email us at getfit@cpmfitness.com

And simply #get2thegym

Today’s Workout is…

Choose your adventure: (break it up as you like)
For Time:
400 Doubles
200 KB Swings
200 Sit Ups
1k Row
1 Mile Run

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr_cpm