A CPM Community That Plays Together Stays Together …

A CPM Community That Plays Together Stays Together …

This past weekend we had our first CPM Chrismtas Sweatsuit Bowling Party. It was a wonderful event with lots of laughs, fun, and relationship building. As I looked at the room, It was so nice to see people who work so hard day in and day out, talk, laugh and lighten up for an evening!

The next morning, Chris and I looked at pictures and video reminiscing about all the fun that was had and it made me think of how important “Fun” is to our lives! I have written that a community that plays together stays together, but it goes even further than this. I would even go as far to say a community that does this is actually happier and healthier overall! Play produces energy, support, and comradory that carries over into your relationships in the gym.

Chris and my goal at the gym is to create an environment where it feels like recess for those 45 to 60 minutes of class taught. Yes, we get down to business and shed some blood sweat and tears but in the end we leave feeling accomplished and having fun all in one! If there’s no “play time” or it’s not fun how are we supposed to stay motivated or excited to show up?

We all live with stresses of an always on the go lifestyle; playing together and having fun is one area which tends to get the cut first. Instead of cutting out fun think of it as creating more success and actually making other areas of our life much easier to manage. So I challenge you Fit Ones to add more “Play” to your life. This one simple area of life that can create incredible benefits for you in so many aspects of your life!

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM: 10
Odd: 45 sec Handstand
Even: 45 sec bar hang

B. AMRAP 10min
15 Cal Row
10 Wallball
15 Ring Pushups

C. Come Find Out ….

Posted By: Annie