CPM Elevator Pitch

CPM Elevator Pitch

“You are looking fantastic! What have you been doing?”

How do you respond?
What is CPMFITness?
How can you convey such awesomeness to your friend?

The concept of an Elevator Pitch comes from the business world. Wiki defines it as, “An overview of an idea for a product, service, or project.” The name reflects the fact that an elevator pitch can be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride (maybe thirty seconds, and no more than 100-150 words). Say you find yourself riding in the elevator with the big boss at your office. You’ve had this great marketing idea for a while now, and here’s your shot to finally pitch it! You’d better be able to impress him – and get the outline of your plan across – before those doors open, right?

As a business owner, one of the first questions I get asked when meeting someone new is; “What do you do?”

I want my CPM Elevator pitch to brief, clear and get their attention. I need to be able to get the key elements of CPM across in just a few concise sentences. I mean, no one is going to stand there while I explain every word of our website. But I can’t be so brief and vague in my description that I make CPM sound like every other fitness program out there. Here are some few Pro-Tips…

Know Your Audience: Loss weight? Used to be in-shape? Taking their FITness to the next level? Everyone makes a decision to do something because they have a problem to solve. You know your friends. I’m sure you have a pretty good idea about a FITness struggle(s) they have. Cater the words and convo accordingly. For example, handstands and snatches can sound intimidating to someone who needs to lose 50lbs!

Personal Experience: No one can take away your story. No one can argue how you feel about CPM. Use it! You can’t screw this up. Your personal story is a great way to connect and have them relate to how you feel. Pick 1 to 3 things about why CPM works and how it is solving your problems.

Why Them? People don’t care how much you know, they care about how much you care. When you find something good and something worth it you want your friends to feel how you feel. Tell them exactly what made you think of them and how CPM can benefit them the way it has for you.

The Ask? The easiest excuse on the planet is…. TIME! Erase that first. Ask them, “Are you in town the week of Feb 21st?” If they say yes, go right in for the kill. If you know this friend is 50/50 chance to try out CPM but you know they need it I may start with this question first and then follow the rest of the tips. Shoot right at them. Remember their biggest excuse is really they BIGGEST reason why they should.

So here’s my question(s)…

A. Have you thought about your Elevator Pitch?
B. What do you say, what key elements do you address, what do you purposefully leave out so as not to overwhelm or scare the person off?
C. Do you vary it based on who you’re talking to, or do you open with the same lines, regardless of who’s asking? Is your pitch too short, too long?
D. Do people stay interested, ask follow-up questions, seem to “get it”?

And finally, do you think I am missing anything that has worked for you?

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The O-Board Says…

A.Back Squat Build-Up

B.AMRAP 18min
5 Back Squat
200m Farmer Carry/Rack Carry
(alt. btw rack and farmer carry)

Post by Chris; @cmoknows