CPM Halloween Candy Stats …

CPM Halloween Candy Stats …

Halloween is upon us, and you probably already licking your chops on the delicious candy you are going to “treat” yourself with.

Before you go candy diving, read this blog to find out the nutritional content of your favorite Halloween Treat …

It might scare you away from the bucket of candy!

Best Halloween Candy Options :

Smarties: 25 cals 6g of sugar
Pixy Stix: 9 cals 2.1g of sugar
Nerds: 50 cals 12g of sugar
2nd Tier: If you love chocolate Choose These as your best option in the snack size versions
Kit Kat: 70 cals 3.6g of fat 7g of sugar
Milky Way: 72 cals 2.8g of fat 9.6g of sugar
Twix/Snickers: 80 cals 4g of fat 8g of sugar
The Scary Options: 
M&M’s: 95 cals 3.5g of fat 13g of sugar
Butterfinger: 100 cals 4g of fat 10g of sugar
Reese’s:  220 cals 13g of fat 23g sugar
To Protect You and Your Family, keep the candy in the House for a week max, and try to limit to one to two pieces daily.
 Happy Halloween!

The O-Board Says…

“Don’t Drop the Pumpkin”
Amrap 30
Team of 2
40 Wallball
40 situp toss with pumpkin
400 meter pumpkin run
*if the pumpkin drops 10 burpees

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