CPM Has Goals … and We Know How to Achieve Them!

CPM Has Goals … and We Know How to Achieve Them!

We all have goals that we want to attain.. but how do we put the goals that we write down on paper into action?

Why do we continue to tell ourselves what we can’t do instead of focusing on what we can and are doing?

I have been really reading a lot about mindset lately. It has always fascinated me on why and how some people can push themselves to limits unimaginable and others sit back and say “I could never do that”.

It is just as easy to train our brain so why do we lose focus on what is important and live in the comfort of our uncomfortableness?

When you continue to push yourself. attack your goals, and continue to reinvent yourself you feel so empowered and unstoppable. Your routine can consist of always hitting new goals, never feeling satisfied, and always wanting the most out of life that you can get.

When I am speaking with clients and they say ” I just don’t think that I can do that”… I always ask them two follow-up questions. First, “Why”? and second “What is the worst that will happen if you try”

So CPM’ers I want you to create a list of 5 goals that you would like to achieve for the month of July. They don’t all have to be fitness related, but they should be lofty and make you feel a little nervous and uncomfortable!

Post your goals in the comments below….

The O-Board Says…

A. “The Big Clean Complex”
Every 3min for 5sets:
(1) 3-position clean
1 push press
(1) 3-position clean
1 push jerk
(1) 3-position clean
1 split jerk

B. AMRAP 15m
350 m Run
50 m Walking Lunges

Posted by: Annie