The Miracle Question… ?

The Miracle Question… ?

Human beings are motivated by one of two things:

1. Pain
2. Pleasure

One can argue which is more motivating. Regardless, we can all agree that change is tough. Change takes sacrifice, commitment, consistency and the bigger the change you want the more of a challenge it will be.

I was was recently introduced to something by a friend called, “The Miracle Question”.

The miracle question basically asks people to make believe, however fantastical it may be in their particular circumstances, that their life has already dramatically changed for the better.

So instead of focusing exclusively on how insoluble their problem is, and how difficult life is because of it, it switches attention to what will happen after the problem is dealt with – focusing on the desired future rather than the undesired present. One of the pillars of solution focused therapy.

It jumps right over the mechanics of how, exactly, the problem will be solved into the mechanics of how will they live when it is solved.

It’s a neat and rather fun way of bypassing rigid constraints, black and white thinking, and unshakeable beliefs that “things can’t possibly change!”

A few things come to my mind after learning some more about the “Miracle Question”…

A. Reality Check… It is all about our mindset not our circumstances.

Example; You have the people that live paycheck to paycheck; praying, wishing and hoping to somehow get RICH! Low and behold they win the lottery!! And in a couple of years they are flat broke all over again! Actually about 70% go broke after winning the lottery = LINK

Our life is a collection of our thoughts, reactions, personality, choices and what we don’t do. If we are catapulted into a completely new status in life without the journey to learn from how can we expect to thrive let alone survive?!

B. A Work Around… If nothing changes then nothing will change.

We want to change so bad!! (lose 50+ lbs; get off our medications; do a bar muscle up!) We think about it all the time and yet we do nothing different. Mediation without application will lead to frustration. The way we think about something, the questions we continue to ask ourselves are just not getting us to change. Then this is where the “Miracle Question” can come in handy.

I know there are 3 Phases of Inaction (LINK). If we literally can’t figure out what is stopping us from achievement then literally remove the obstacles of the present day and work your life backwards from the future goal. It can knock some ideas or a different way of thinking to spur change for your present day.

C. Take Action… We really do know what to do.

Something I’ve learned personally over the years about Goal Setting and Achievement is to take action within the first 24 hours of officially committing to it. Everyone gets JACKED Up and EXCITED when we set goals and commit to our dreams; but most people wait too long to do anything about it and let the excitement fade resulting in no change.

Even the smallest action step can be a game-changer. Literally put yourself up against the clock (just like our workouts) and that can be the beginning to changing everything. Unless it is Sunday night don’t ever wait “until Monday”.

The O-Board Says…

Partner AMRAP 30min
200m Sprint (2 each)
20 Dips (10 each)
20 T2B (10 each)
45 sec HS Hold (together)
(You go , I go except on HS hold)

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