CPM Restaurant Rules to Live By …

CPM Restaurant Rules to Live By …

“How do I stay healthy when I go out to eat?”
“I don’t know what to substitute for my unhealthy side dishes?”
“I will NOT give up my social life for a diet!”

With the Progress Not Perfection Challenge … Many people fear they can not eat out and still stay “compliant”. Well let me tell you … YOU CAN and here’s how:

Here are some great Rules to Live By When Eating Out so you are prepared and do not steer away from your goals!

1- Control your Sides: Instead of mash potato’s, fries, or any other starchy carbs your restaurant provides as a standard side. You WILL always sub for fruit, veggies or side salad.
2- Always order DOUBLE MEAT and/or Extra Veggies : Restaurants, in particular fast food places, are frugal with chicken and meats and like to fill up your plate with cheap carbs. And ladies if you think it’s TOO MUCH MEAT, don’t fret… get a to-go bag and save it for later.
3- Stick with water/coffee/ice tea (unsweetened of course;-) for your beverage: it cuts down on the bill and your sugar intake.
4- When in doubt, go with a salad: And follow rule #2.
5- When eating a salad always order the dressing on the side: You must control the amount of dressing. For types of dressing go with the oils, salsa, guacamole, and or lemon. And a really cool trick is to not pour the dressing or toss it, simply dip your fork before every bite. It helps cut down on the dressing consumption and still provides the taste.
6- The Meal Before The MEAL: Pre-Eat when applicable, a trick I live by. It helps you avoid the temptation of devilish foods that are much easier to order when you have less in tank. Killing your hunger in advance helps with staying more disciplined and also cuts down on the bill.
7- At an Italian joint: Sub spaghetti or pasta with all veggies. And tell your server no thanks on the bread before the meal.
8- Dessert: Your new dessert choice is a bowl of fresh fruit. And if you’re feeling frisky add some whip cream.
9- At and last but not least…PARK FAR!: if you can thruster, do pull-ups and double under’s don’t be that guy (or gal) that is in good shape circling the parking lot for 5-10 minutes waiting for a front row spot.

Tune in Next Wednesday for some “Fit” Tips to “Drinking Out” ..

The O-Board Says…

A. “Death by 10 Meters”
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