CPM Stop and Smell the Roses …

CPM Stop and Smell the Roses …

This weekend I got to go home to family in LA.

It was a much needed vacation with all the elements that made it a perfect 10!

The Weekend started off with a walk on the beach,some delicious food from my fav, and some much needed mom and sister time.

I got to experience some of the delicious eatz that LA has to offer (thanks to True Foods, Whole Foods, Matcha Bar, Bristol Farms, and Trader Joes yes I am slightly with grocery stores).

We got shopping, chatting, relaxation and it was just what the Doctor ordered!

Sunday was my favorite day, we went to my the most amazing yoga studios Y7   It combines the two things I love Hip Hop and Yoga. Then I got to watch my sister dance (she is 15 and an amazing ballet dancer). We ended the night with our favs, the “Grammy’s”. 
Sometimes you just need to stop and fill your life with family, Vitamin D, fun, and relaxation.

It was the perfect prescription, and made me realize how much you need to take moments in life.

Be grateful for all that you have and all that you are able to take advantage of in this life!

In life sometimes you have to just take some deep breaths and stop and smell the roses!

The O-Board Says…

For time:
Row 750 meters
15-12-9-6-3 of…
Grasshoppers (2ct)
Row 750 meters

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