CPM Suns Out Guns Out …

CPM Suns Out Guns Out …

We had a bit of a dry spell in the midwest the past week. I had no idea how much lack of sun took such a toll on my mind and my body … Until Monday when we received the much-needed sunshine we had all been desiring!

Lack of Vitamin D has many negative effects on us, and some effects being very detrimental to our overall health.

Here are some signs that you might be lacking in the vitamin D area ..

1. Muscle Fatigue and/or Pain: – Sore muscles and fatigue plagues many. With a simple add of Vitamin D you can go from feeling heavy and sore to light and recovered. Vitamin D enters muscle cells when it is metabolized, enhancing muscle contraction, which is vital for, building bone and helping with healing muscle.

2. Getting Sick Frequently: – Vitamin D receptors are found all over the body, including the immune cells.So without it you can be more susceptible to illness and allergies.

3. High Blood Pressure – Your body forms a peptide that is able to increase blood pressure via artery constriction and retaining water and sodium. Vitamin D suppresses this enzymatic process which causes high blood pressure. So add vitamin D feel less stressed which will also lead to lower blood pressure.

4. Depression and/or Sadness – Serotonin, the brain hormone associated with mood elevation, rises with exposure to bright light and falls with decreased sun exposure. So when it’s gloomy and cold you are more apt to feel sad, and with some states we don’t have the luxury of seeing sun everyday. Taking Vitamin D will enhance your mood and make you smile even when the suns not out.

5. Slow down Metabolism – The conversion of sunlight to Vitamin D involves both the kidneys and the liver, which are vital for synthesizing Vitamin absorbed in the skin and keeping the metabolism moving in the way we want! Supplement Vitamin D to help keep everything moving in the right direction!

The O-Board Says…

A. 100 Leg Lever to Lift

B. AMRAP 20min
200m farmers carry,
100m Walking Lunge
50 Handstand Taps

Posted By: Annie