CPM Tips and Tricks to Becoming A Morning Person …

CPM Tips and Tricks to Becoming A Morning Person …

Some people dread mornings just as much as the plague … While others jump out with pep in their step. Why do some dread while others jump for joy? Here are some helpful tips that will want to switch those late nights for early mornings.

#1 Change Your Sleep Pattern: I used to be a night owl. I was a server and bartender for many years, so going to bed at 1 or 2 am was not uncommon and mornings where not my favorite. When I started training and we opened our gym, the hours completely changed for me, and I had to set serious disciplines so that not only did I have to start going to bed earlier, I had to be disciplined about my bedtime routine. So that meant turning off all LED light (t.v., iPad, phone, kindle, etc) at least 30 minutes before bed. I also journaled my thoughts so that I could sleep more soundly and not wake up feeling anxious. It took me a good month to not feel like I was hit with a boulder every am but I stayed strong kept the routine and now years later I can pop right up (in fact most days I don’t even need the alarm).

#2 You Snooze You Loose: First and foremost hitting the snooze is a determinate to your overall health and what is 10 minutes really going to do anyways? Your faking your body out so the sleep in the snooze is actually very poor quality and may send your body through a new sleep cycle. This is bad because it’s sends you into sleep inertia which causes grogginess, disorientation, and actually makes you deprived of quality sleep.

#3 Workout First Thing in the Morning: Physical fitness improves your mood and boosts your energy, which carries on throughout the rest of the day.Research has shown that exercising before breakfast burns more fat calories and results in more fat loss than exercising after breakfast

#4 Keep Your Alarm Across Your Room: Place your alarm far enough that you have to get up walk to your alarm and physically shut it off. Once you are up, and out from the cozy bedding you are less likely to go back bed.

Now turn from being a Night Owl into an Early Bird!

The O-Board Says…

A. 5rm back squat
(2min sets)

B. AMRAP 12min
200m run
3 Back Squats

Posted by: Annie