CPM Week of Workout Feb 12 – Feb 16

CPM Week of Workout Feb 12 – Feb 16

You have 3 choices in life; give in, give up or give it your all.


Ready to rock another week of workouts!

Monday:  Hope your legs have recovered! Part A starts with Back Squats followed by Part B with Front Squats, Rowing, Running and Sit-Ups.

Tuesday:  Get those shoulders ready with some Farmer Carry’s and HS hold. Then we have Rope Climbs/Pull-Ups with Burpees and Rope Climb/T2B with Ball Slams.

Wednesday:  It’s Wednesday so you know what that means…Death By! Get to the gym and see what we have in store this week.  Part B will DB Squat Cleans and Doubles.

Thursday:  Back to the barbell with some Deadlifts. Fun with KB as we have a KB Deadlift, KB Press along with some running.

Friday:  Friday Funday! Start with some running and finish with Wallballs, Cal Row, KB swings and HSPU.

See you at the gym!

The O-Board Says…

Part A
Back Squat

Part B
In 18 minutes complete:
50 Front Squats
1000m Run
1000m Row
MAX Sit-Ups