CPM Week of Workouts: August 28 – Sept 1

CPM Week of Workouts: August 28 – Sept 1



Monday: (Strength Day) We start the week of with squats for everyone! Part A: 5-RM of Front Squats. Part B: Some distance running paired with front squats and pull-ups!

Tuesday: Ready to retest your 1K Row for Time? Hope so! We start the day off with just that which is then be followed by a Tabata series that will get your heart rate pumping! Movements you can expect to see include lateral hops, burpees,  ball slams double-unders and shoulder taps. 

Wednesday: (Strength Day) Part A: Clean and Jerks followed by a 15-min AMRAP of Farmer Carry, C&J’s, KB swings and Goblet Squats. 

Thursday: 5-round Friday’s have moved to 5-rounds Thursday for this week! ? On the agenda is Power Snatch, Medball Cleans and K2E!

Friday: We end the week with a few baseline WOD”s that you will have the opportunity to retest later in the month.  Squats are up first followed by Cindy (pull-ups, push-ups, air squats) with a twist of doubles! 

Wake up and be awesome!   ?  you at the GYM! 

The O-Board Says…

A: 5-5-5-5-5
Front Squats
*every 2 minutes

B: For Time:
35 Front Squat
35 Pull-ups
1 mile run
posted: by Nicole