CPM Week of Workouts: Apr 11 – 15

CPM Week of Workouts: Apr 11 – 15

Quote for this Week…

I don’t make excuses… I make results!

Monday: Starting off the week with a 1k Row for Time…  Then taking our body and a ball or a killer workout. Pushing HS/Hand Release (HR) pushups, Sit to Stands and Squat with a Ball (med/slam).

Tuesday: Back to Split Jerks! Working our way up to a 1 rep max. Completing the class with some more jerking, box jumping and 200m repeats!

Wednesday: Death by Power Cleans to start… Rowing and MAX Slam Balls to follow!

Thursday: Chippa time! 100 reps down by 10 reps until we are done. DUs, Situps, KB swings, Wall Balls, etc…

Friday(Strength Day) = Deadlifts! Lowering the DL weight and adding some running and lunges. #tgif

Cheers to chasing excellence!

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
1K Row For Time

Part B:
5 HSPU/10 HR Push-Up
10 Sit 2 Stand w/ Ball
15 Squat w/ Ball

*Every 5 min 50 Double Unders

Post by Chris; @cmoknows