CPM Week of Workouts: April 10-14

CPM Week of Workouts: April 10-14

Quote for the week…


is what gets you started


is what keeps you going!

Monday: They’re Back!! You either love them or hate them. Man-makers are on the schedule for today along with a 1K row, 800m Run, Wallballs, KB Swing, Lunges and Sit-ups!  

Tuesday: (Strength Day) – Part A: Power Clean 2RM followed by a ladder down couplet of doubles and more power cleans. #yesplease??

Wednesday: We start the day with a fun partner warm-up using a Medball. Then we get into a conditioning 3-part WOD, 7-min each. First up is running, wallball sit-ups and doubles. Second is rowing, ring dips and 1-arm KB swings. And lastly Cal Rowing paired with air squats. #happyhumpday?

Thursday: (Strength Day) Gymnastics to start followed by 5-rounds (5-min each) of Power Snatch, Box Jumps and Push-ups. #brutal❤️

Friday: So we started the week with a 1k Row, why not end the week the same! For time 1K row ?  followed by 5-rounds of pull-ups and push jerks! Wonder if I will be able to wash my hair after this one?!?

Make it a great week! ??

The O-Board Says…

For Time:

1k Row

800 Run

25 DB Man Makers

50 Wallball

100 KB Swings

150 Lunges 200 Situps

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