CPM Week of Workouts Aug 27 – Aug 31

CPM Week of Workouts Aug 27 – Aug 31

Who’s ready to end August FIT!

Monday: Deadlift, Hang Clean and Push Jerk. Part B – Deadlift, Slamballs and burpee box jumps.

Tuesday: Running, DB Thrusters and Pull-ups.

Wednesday: Pistol Progressions. Part B – T2B, DB split squat, russian twists and farmer carry.

Thursday: OH Squat. Part B – Double Unders, Snatch and Run.

Friday: Run, Goblet Squat, Sit-ups, KB Swings and Run.

The O-Board Says…

Part A
EMOTM 14min
1 Deadlift
1 Hang Clean
1 Push Jerk

Part B. AMRAP 12min
5 Deadlift
18 Slamball
17 Burpee Box Jumps