CPM Week of Workouts: August 22-26

CPM Week of Workouts: August 22-26

Quote for the week…

80% of success is SHOWING UP!


Monday: (Strength Day) –  So you have mastered the power cleans, and you want to go heavier. What’s next? It’s time to get low using a squat clean. Part A: Squat Cleans, 7-sets to work on faster hip and elbow turnover. Part B: EMOTM of wall balls, HSPU and HEAVY Squat Cleans.

Tuesday: 10-Rounds, 3-minutes each consisting of rowing, burpees and ground to overhead with plate.

Wednesday(Strength Day) Part A: Power Snatch – 5 sets working towards 3-rep max. In order to get that explosive power, think triple extension of hips, knees and ankles.  Part B: Conditioning 5-rounds, 3-minutes each of power snatch, KB swings and T2B.

Thursday: We will start the day off with a 1-mile run. Weather should be beautiful 2.0 peeps, high of 73 degrees!⛅️  Part B: 20-min AMRAP of rope climb (fun substitute for 2.0), push press, barbell SDLHP and jumping lunges.

Friday: 200m Farmer Carry (plural) paired with push-ups, body builders, goblet squats and flutter kicks. Goal is to find a challenging weight. If you are not somewhat winded after performing a round of these walks, then you will need to increase the load you are carrying.

Here’s to another week of progress, see you at the gym!

The O-Board Says…

A: Squat Cleans
*every 90 seconds

5 Wallball
3 HSPU (6 Hand Release Pushup)
1 HEAVY Squat Clean

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