CPM Week of Workouts: August 29 – Sept 2

CPM Week of Workouts: August 29 – Sept 2

Quote for the week…

Become a PRIORITY in YOUR Life!


Monday: (Strength Day) –  Clean & Jerk: Part A: Building to 1-rep max. Part B: Pairing the C & J with running. Don’t waste your energy on failed reps. Rest and just concentrate on making good reps. Pushing to failure is a waste of time and energy and significantly increases your risk of injury…

Tuesday: Conditioning 4-rounds every 5-minutes of wall balls, burpees, rowing and doubles. There is a fun little twist you don’t want to miss!

Wednesday: We start out the day with some “Kipping” work. Learning to kip can transfer to many of the movements we perform on the bar i.e T2B, chest to bar, pull-ups, muscle-ups. Part A: We will break it down and practice on technique. Part B: 20-min AMRAP of Muscle Ups (Pull-ups, Dips), walking lunges and cal row.

Thursday: (Strength Day) – Back Squats!! Part A: 5-sets of 5 reps. Part B: 16-minute Ladder UP by 2 with back squats and push-ups. Upper and lower body burn, what a perfect blend!

Friday: Chipper for time of running paired with sit-ups, KB swings, ball slams, box jumps and T2B!

The best project you will ever work on is you, see you at the gym!

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Clean & Jerk
*every 90 sec

Part B:
For Time:
600m Run
20 C&J
400m Run
15 C&J
200m Run
10 C&J

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