CPM Week of Workouts: Dec 11 – Dec 15

A good workout is a great way to clear mind your mind.


Ready for another great week of workouts CPM!!


Monday: Start your day off with a build up of TGU (Turkish Get Ups). Then we have a row for cals, dips, and more TGU’s.

Tuesday:  Another hero workout – “Tiff”.  Run/row, followed by C2B pullups, hang squat cleans and push press.

Wednesday: Get your grip ready!! We have a bar hang with a run/row and pushups.  Great finisher of squats, KB swings, step-ups, and v-ups.

Thursday:  Strength Day! Part A Deadlift 1 RM. Part B, farmer carry, box jumps, toe 2 bell, doubles and HEAVY deadlifts.

Friday: Happy Birthday Annie! ?    We have a fun Tabata Fight Gone Bad. 20 secs on 10 secs off of burpees, DB snatch, HS hold, thrusters, pull-ups.


Don’t forget to join us Friday at 2.0 for Wine Down Yoga to celebrate Annie’s birthday.  Restorative yoga at 5:30 led by Lisa Thruston followed by wine, goodies, and great company!! ?


The O-Board Says…

Part A
2-2-2-2-2 (1 each side)
Part B
20 cal row
15 dips
10 TGU