CPM Week of Workouts: Dec 18 – Dec 22

You CAN do it!  All you have to do is try.


As we head into this busy time of year, make sure you are taking care of yourself CPM by getting to the gym!

Monday:  Start your week strong with FRONT SQUATS.  Get some more meters in with some rowing, slam balls, front squats and clean and jerk.

Tuesday:  Practice that pulling strength with rope climbs.  Not to worry, we have plenty of options for the rope climb. We are also throwing in some toes to bar, OH lunges and running/rowing.

Wednesday:  It’s the Christmas Cookie Crusher. ?   Too many good things to list, so come in and see for yourself!

Thursday:  Stay in the holiday spirit with the 12 Days of Christmas.  This is always a favorite and is a great mental workout too!  ?

Friday:  Finish the week with Santa Gone Bad.?   Barbell jump squats, push press, KB sumo deadlift hi-pull and rowing. Great opportunity to get those last meters in.


Come spread some holiday cheer with your CPM family.  Can’t wait to see everyone at the gym!



The O-Board Says…

Part A
Front Squat

Part B
For Time:
750m row – 50 slam balls
750m row – 50 front squat
750m row – 50 clean and jerks