CPM Week of Workouts: Feb 13-17

CPM Week of Workouts: Feb 13-17

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Monday: (Strength Day) Third time’s a charm! Part A: Power Clean Build-up to 1-RM followed by a 3-parter of Rowing paired with DB Snatch, Running with Front Squats and Doubles with Power Cleans. Sad to miss this one…it’s going to be amazing! 

Tuesday: We start with a 12-min EMOTM of DB Step-ups, Doubles and DB Bulgarian Split Squat followed by a conditioning 20-min AMRAP of KB swings, Box Jump Overs, Plate Ground to OH and a 300 meter dash. 

Wednesday: This might be one of the best Hump Day’s yet. First up is 5-Rounds of a 400m run followed by Burpees. Then the closer of 400m Walking Lunges for Time. Aww YEAH!

Thursday: (Strength Day) Part A. Max Thruster with Barbell.  Part B: DB Thruster Ladder paired with Running!  I think there is a challenge between a few coaches on this one #MPvsCPM

Friday: I am hoping you are all digging the Fight Gone Bad workouts. I think they have been a great way to end the week! Today’s version of FGB is Tabata style of Wall Balls, Push Press, SDLHP, Box Jumps and Row for Cals.

Make it a great week!

The O-Board Says…

A. Power Clean

B. For time:
Row 1k
MAX DB Snatch
@ 7 min mark
run 800
MAX Front Squat
@ 14 min mark
100 Double Unders
MAX Power Cleans

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