CPM Week of Workouts Feb 19 – Feb 26

CPM Week of Workouts Feb 19 – Feb 26

Constantly challenge yourself.

Friday Night Lights start this week, are you ready? Come join your CPM community and cheer the competitors on!

Monday:  Starting with some Hang Cleans. Then grab a partner for some partner sprints, rowing and burpees.

Tuesday:  Part A kicks off with some doubles and sit-ups. Part B finish strong with a Farmer’s Carry and running.

Wednesday: It’s Wednesday so get ready for another fun Death By…come workout and see what’s in store. Then we have Power Cleans and Rowing for Cals.

Thursday:  Another great partner workout, so grab your gym buddy and join us for some squats, KB swings, burpees and Rope Climbs.

Friday:  Get yourself ready for Friday Night Lights with some Split Jerks followed by DT Doubles, Deadlifts, Hang Cleans, Push Jerks and Doubles.



The O-Board Says…

Part A
2 RM Hang Clean

Part B
Partner Sprints (200m)
Partner Row (400m)
Partner Burpees