CPM Week of Workouts: Feb 20 – 24

CPM Week of Workouts: Feb 20 – 24

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Monday: (Strength Day) For those Hero WOD lovers, “Tiff” is on the schedule. In a 25-minute running clock, we will run 1.5 miles, then perform as many rounds as possible of C2B pull-ups, hang squat cleans and push presses. This is going to be a fantastic start to the week! 

Tuesday: Think 10’s and 3’s today! 10-rounds, 3-minutes each of three movements – doubles, burpees and T2B! 

Wednesday: 4 Rounds for time of Running, Lunging and Ball slamming with a finisher of sit-ups! Nothing better then some legs combined with running and a sprinkle of Abs for mid-week!

Thursday: (Strength Day) We start with 3-RM Thrusters followed by 21-15-9 reps for time of Thrusters, Pull-Ups and Row Cals. I love me some triplet’s!

Friday:(Strength Day) Part A: Deadlift 3-RM followed by a conditioning partner couplet of running and farmer carry. I think I heard there may be a little chasing between the partners – should be a lot of FUN!

Actions Speak Louder…see you at they gym!

The O-Board Says…


25 minutes:
Run 1.5 Miles
then AMRAP:
11 Pull-Ups (C2B)
7 Hang Squat Cleans
7 Push Press

United States Army Capt. Benjamin David Tiffner, 31, of West Virginia, died Nov. 7, 2007, when his vehicle was struck by an improvised-explosive device in Baghdad, Iraq, while he was supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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