CPM Week of Workouts: Jan 9 – 13

CPM Week of Workouts: Jan 9 – 13



Monday: (Strength Day) We start the week of with a 5-rep Deadlift build-up followed by a 20-min AMRAP of deadlifts, push-ups and HIGH box jumps. A little core/back/legs, upper body and plyo’s!

Tuesday: Part A: Gymnastics work on the bar and floor followed by a timed WOD of cal rowing, doubles, wall-ball, pull-ups, plate to overhead, T2B and everyone’s favorite Turkish Get-ups:-) 

Wednesday: On the menu for today is a 25-min Chipper of the following movements: HR (hand release) push-ups, deck squats, sumo squats, running, ring rows, burpees, reverse lunges and farmer carry. This is a true full-body workout!

Thursday: (Strength Day) Part A: Back Squat build-up to a 2-RM followed by a 8-rounds of push-press,back squats and KB sit-ups. And if that doesn’t sound challenging enough, EMOM we will be doing 3 Toes to Bar.

Friday: Part A: Gymnastics paired with Rowing. Part B: 3-rounds for time of burpees, power cleans and pull-ups. I think I heard that one of the coaches is not sure he/she will be able to move onto part B, after part A:-) You don’t want to miss this one!

Have a great week,   ?  you at the gym!

The O-Board Says…

A: Deadlift
(every 90-sec)

B: AMRAP 20 min
5 Deadlift
13 Push-ups
9 Box Jumps (High Box) 

posted: by Nicole