CPM Week of Workouts: January 11th – 15th

CPM Week of Workouts: January 11th – 15th

Quote for this Week…

Achieving Excellence is Never an Accident…


Monday: 3 Parter to Start off our Week! Thrusters and Pullups… then some Pullups, Pushup’s, Sit-up’s and Squats… Finishing up with some Double Under’s and Sit-up’s… Looks like we got you covered from Head to Toe!

Tuesday:(Strength Day) Strict Press to kick this workout off. Then we’ve got a KB Swing + Pushup + Power Clean trifecta!

Wednesday(Strength Day) Overhead Squats are back! Sets of 5 reps working your way up to a Heavy Set. Then we’ve got some Deadlifts, Pistols and Toes to Bar!

Thursday: Two Count Thursday’s. Lunges, Russian Twists, Mtn Climbers with 400m Run in between sets…

Friday: Partner time this Friday! 3 Parts for these partners… Row for Cal while partner Holds the top of a Deadlift… Pushup’s (plyo if you can) while other does Barbell Curls… Lastly, weighted situps while other partner holds a handstand….


Cheers to chasing excellence!

The O-Board Says…

Girls Girls Girls

Row/Run 500

1 round of Barbara
20 Pullup
30 Pushup
40 Situp
50 Squats

Row/Run 500

Double Unders
2 Touch Sit-UP

Post by Chris; @cmoknows