CPM Week of Workouts: July 24-28

CPM Week of Workouts: July 24-28




Monday: The name of today’s workout is “It’s not a big deal!” First up is 4-rounds of max wall ball and rowing; Second series is 4-rounds of max pull-ups and running. This is going to be a great way to start your week! 

Tuesday:  2-round couplets are on the agenda for today. First 6-minute AMRAP is hang cleans paired with box overs. Second 6-min AMRAP is shoulder to overhead paired with rowing! 

Wednesday: Today we are making a Row sandwich? . Each piece of sourdough (800m Row) will be filled with handstand push-ups, pistols and KB swings! ? 

Thursday: (Strength Day) Part A. 1RM Snatch followed by 5-rounds, each 3-minutes of snatch, T2B and box jumps. ??

Friday: We end the week with a little challenge. Can you beat your previous 2K row score?!? Answer is…YES you can! This will be followed by 5-rounds of burpees and running! #intense

NEW week, bring it ON! ?  you at the GYM! 

The O-Board Says…

“It’s not a big deal”
A. Every 3min for 4 Rounds…
500m Row
MAX Wall Balls

**Right into next***

B. Every 3min for 4 Rounds…
400m Run
Pullups (strict/kip)

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