CPM Week of Workouts: June 19-23

CPM Week of Workouts: June 19-23


Monday: How Fast Would Usain Bolt Run the Mile?? Respondents have suggested times as low as 3:55! That’s Crazy!!? Today we will have another chance to improve on our mile time. Part A: 1-mile run followed by a short run, KB swings, Box Jumps, Pull-ups and wait for it…MANMAKERS!!

Tuesday:  (Strength Day) Part A: 5 RM Back Squats ❤️  followed by a 15-minute AMRAP of HEAVY Back squats and Run/Row (you choose).

Wednesday: (Strength Day) Part A: 1 RM Snatch followed by Max Effort Burpees, Max Effort Doubles and Max Effort Row for Cals. Goal today is to get the heart rate high followed by a short recovery. Should be a great mid-week WOD! 

Thursday: We start the day off with some KB work paired with gymnastics then move into a partner 20-min AMRAP of RC’s, box jumps and sprints.

Friday: Handstand Walk?/Bear ?  Crawl paired with Deadlifts in a 12-min EMOTM. This is then followed up by a repeat of the FNL workout we did of 55 Deadlift, 55 Wallballs, 55 Cal Row and 55 HSPU/HR Push-ups!

Make it a great week!??

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
1 Mile Run

Part B:
For Time:
400 m Run
60 KB Swings
400 m Run
45 Box Jumps
400 m Run
30 Pull-Ups
400 m Run
15 Manmakers
400 m Run

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