CPM Week of Workouts: June 20-24

CPM Week of Workouts: June 20-24

Quote for the week…

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.

– Michael Jordan


Monday: “Chelsea” – If you don’t quite yet get the concept of EMOTM, you will after today. You’ll perform five pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 squats every minute for 30 minutes. If you can finish her, Chelsea translates into 150 pull-ups, 300 push-ups and 450 air squats. Great start to the week!

Tuesday:  4 x AMRAP 5-min –  These 5-minute bursts will no doubt make you sweat!  Good variety of burpee box jumps, doubles, slam balls and KB swings.

Wednesday: (Strength & Conditioning Day) – “The BEAR Complex” + Running – This workout will get you pretty comfy with the barbell if you’re not already. Sequence consists of power clean➡front squat➡ push press➡back squat➡ push press. Don’t skip out on this one, it is one of the more rewarding movements! #bearhug

Thursday: Full body Workout! 2-rounds of running, snatching, doubling. wall-balling, burpee-ing and rowing. Pace yourselves and focus on the task at hand, there will be a few rest breaks along the way.

Friday: (Strength Day) = Strict Press for 2-rep max. If done correctly OH Press can be great for shoulder health. Focus on the full range as it hits all the required muscles in your upper body in the right way. Part B is a conditioning strict press, sit-ups and rowing.

Expect MORE…get to the GYM!

The O-Board Says…

EMOTM 30 minutes
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

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