CPM Week of Workouts: March 13 – March 17

CPM Week of Workouts: March 13 – March 17

      Quote for the week……

Don’t let your past

define your future.

Monday: (Strength Day) If you loved last Monday’s WOD, you are going to LOVE today. Part A: Snatch 1-RM followed by 8-rounds for time of Burpees, Box Jumps and Snatch!! The key ingredients of a great snatch are 1) Proper Start Position, 2) Knee Position 3) Hip Position (this is the spot right BEFORE the explosion upwards) and 4) Lock Out. Continue to drill these positions and you will be a master at the Snatch! 

Tuesday: (Strength Day) Part A: 12-min Back Squat build-up paired with some running.  Part B: 6-rounds of Back Squats, more squats and rowing. Can we say HECK YES!!! #squatathonhereIcome

Wednesday: We start things off with a little T2B and handstand couplet followed by four 4-min rounds of snatch, burpees, OH squats and plyo push-ups. Key ingredient in this WOD is the use of a Plate for all of the movements. Each 4-min round will also include a 400m Run to pair with each movement. This WOD is packed full of goodies!

Thursday: 10min PULL AMRAP of pull-ups and doubles followed by 10-min PUSH AMRAP of deficit push-ups and rowing. 

Friday: We end the week with 5-Rounds of Pistols, Box Jumps, KB swing and Sit-ups. #totalbodyWOD

Make it a great week! ??

The O-Board Says…

A1. Snatch
A2. Wrist Stretch

B. Complete 8 Rounds for Time
6 Burpees
8 Box Jumps
1 Snatch (80% of A)
*Rest 1min*

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