CPM Week of Workouts: March 14-18

CPM Week of Workouts: March 14-18

Quote for this Week…

—A year from now—
–You will wish you had–


Monday:  (Strength Day) = Bear Complex. We got with the Bull last week we are messing with the Bear this week. Adding some Wall Balls with it in Part B (see below:)

Tuesday: Part A we have some technique work with the clean and some leg strength/mobility. Part B. has a 12min HARD cap of 5oom row(s) Power Cleans and Box Jumps.

Wednesday: We will test your endurance and grip! 800m Runs + KB Swings + Pullups. Lots of it! You will get FITTER on Wednesday.

Thursday:  Bodyweight/Gymnasty day. 4 stations in Part A (deck squats, dips, handstand holds and hollow holds. Part B. Toes to Bar, Pistols, DB Pushups.

Friday: Total Body Friday! Hitting everything from head to toe (deadlifts, goblet squats, slamballs, shoulder press and that is in the middle of 800m as a buy in and cash out!

Cheers to chasing excellence!

The O-Board Says…

A. 1 RM Bear Complex
*every 2min

B. “KareBear”
150 Wallballs For Time
* EMOTM 1 bear complex. Athlete chooses weight.
15 min Cap

Post by Chris; @cmoknows