CPM Week of Workouts: March 20 to 24

CPM Week of Workouts: March 20 to 24

      Quote for the week……

THE question ISN’T




Happy Monday! We start off today with some gymnastic movements. Part A: 5-Rounds of barbell sit-ups and handstand holds followed by a 15-min cardio burt of run/row, wall ball toss and T2B. My new goal is to start making gymnastics more of a priority. In the functional fitness world there is nothing more functional than having complete control of the movement of your body.

Tuesday: (Strength Day) Part A: Strict Press 2-RM build-up. Part B:  20-min Partner AMRAP of rowing, rope climbs, KB swing and push-ups. Benefits of Partner workouts 1) They can be more fun 2) You will work out harder 3) Increase in motivation.

Wednesday:  Weather forecast for Wednesday, chance of SNOW! ❄️ . Guess it’s only fitting then that we start the day off with the Polar Bear Complex Break-up followed by some running (bring snow shoes), power cleans, STO, back squats and burpees!

Thursday: Now that we have dealt with a little snow, lets start getting ready for summer!☀️  Part A: Core/AB work. Part B: 6 Rounds (18-min) of Strict Pull Ups, Ring Rows and Recovery Row. Similar to last’s week’s format of the squat day only this time it will be your arms wanting to fall off! ?

Friday (Strength Day)  Part A: Clean and Jerks 1-RM build-up with some shoulder mobility in between. Part B. For Time – a Rowing sandwich with C&J in between. Should be mighty tasty!

Make it a great week! ??

The O-Board Says…

5 Rounds
12 Barbell Sit Ups
1 min Handstand Hold

In 15min complete…
1200m Run –or– 1500m Row (1000m; >2:15 pace)
100 Wall Balls
Max Toes to Bar


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