CPM Week of Workouts March 26th – March 30th

CPM Week of Workouts March 26th – March 30th

Interrupt fear with gratitude, Interrupt worry with gratitude, Interrupt doubt with gratitude.


We are grateful for you our amazing CPM community!

Monday:  Get the week started with some core work. Then we have a farmer carry, walking lunges and HS taps.

Tuesday:  Part A is med ball cleans with Toe 2 Bar. Part B is a great partner workout with Deadlifts, KB swings and running.

Wednesday:  10 rounds of pull-ups, goblet squats, and running.

Thursday:  An amazing for time workout of rowing, burpees, ball slams, russian twists and running. Don’t miss it!

Friday:  Finish your week with some barbell work and two 10 minute AMRAP’s of Power Snatches and OH Squats then OH Squats and doubles.

See you at the gym!





The O-Board Says…

Part A:
100 Leg Lever to Lift

Part B: AMRAP 20min
200m farmers carry,
100m Walking Lunge
50 Handstand Taps (Plank Taps)

*last did – 5/5/16*