CPM Week of Workouts March 4 – March 8

CPM Week of Workouts March 4 – March 8

Monday: Burpee Pull-ups, KB Clean and Jerks, HSPU, Doubles…followed by DB Snatch, KB cleans, T2B, Wallballs
Tuesday: Core work, Row, Run, Farmer Carry, Lunges, Bear Crawl
Wednesday: Power Clean, Pull-ups, Thrusters, and Cal row
Thursday: Front Squat, Run, Slam balls, Wall Walks
Friday: Run, KB Swings, Farmer Carry, Waiter Walk, Box Jumps, Lunges, Burpees, Run/Row

The O-Board Says…

25 Burpee Pullup
8 KB Clean and Jerks
15 HSPU or 1 min HS Hold
75 Double Under’s

Rest 3 minutes

28 Alt. DB Snatch
12 KB Squat cleans
20 Toe to Bar
30 Wallball