CPM Week of Workouts: May 1-5

CPM Week of Workouts: May 1-5

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Monday: I am hoping the weather forecast is not true and we do not wake up to ❄️ in the AM. However if we do, DT peeps get ready to burn some “brown fat!” We have two AMRAP’s on the schedule for today, first one consists of running, rowing and burpees followed by running, rowing and pull-ups! #energyburning #shivering #brownfat

Tuesday:  (Conditioning Day) 4-Rounds (5-min each) of Power Cleans, Toes to Bar and Double Under’s.  No worries we will get a little rest in between each round which means for 5-minutes it’s all out performances for everyone! ??

Wednesday: (Strength Day) Part A: Back Squat 3-RM ❤️  followed by a ladder down of rowing, handstand push-ups and deadlifts. This format is a great tool to build strength, endurance, and speed!

Thursday: Today we are going to play a bit with the EMOTM format. Movements for today include burpees, running, KB SDLHP, rowing, wallballs and sit-ups. Come find out which face will be your score? ? ? ?

Happy Friday: We end the week with a 25-min AMRAP of Rowing, Box Jumps, Push-ups, Sit-ups, Jumping Pull-ups and our favorite TGU’s! A little body weight movement combined with some cardio and mobility.??

Make it a great week and don’t forget to be AWESOME!

The O-Board Says…

A: In 15-minutes
Run 1-mile
500m Row
Burpees until time runs out

B: In 8-minutes
Run 1/2 mile
Row 250
Pull-ups until time runs out

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