CPM Week of Workouts: Nov 13-17

CPM Week of Workouts: Nov 13-17

Gratitude turns what we have into ENOUGH!  

Monday: Partner Day of running, handstand holds and rowing! The weather looks pretty good 2.0⛅️  but you might want to pack along those sweatshirts:-) 

Tuesday: (Strength Day) Part A: 2 for 1 special with Snatch and OH Squats.  This if followed by 3-rounds for time of more snatches partnered with doubles OR Box Jumps – you get to pick! 

Wednesday: One area I need more work on is shoulder mobility. Lucky ?  for me that is exactly what we start the day with. Then we dive into a 5-rounder of some of my favorites ❤️  pistols OR weighted lunges, dips and doubles. 

Thursday: We begin the day with 10-minutes of core strength training. This is followed by a chipper which starts with a run, ends with a run and is filled with 3-rounds of pull-ups, KB swings and SDLHP. 

Friday: (Strength Day) Part A: 2-RM Power Cleans. Part B: Lots of wallballs ? paired with Cleans! Option to build up with part B. 

Make it a great week! 



6x; 800m Run (3 each)
*P1 runs; P2 rest*

P1 = 60sec HS Hold (acc)
P2 = MAX Cal Row
*Handstander determines the switch*

posted by: Nicole Z