CPM Week of Workouts: November 16 – 20

CPM Week of Workouts: November 16 – 20

Quote for this Week…

“Repect your Training. Honor your Commitments. Celebrate your Victories…..”


Monday: (2) 1o minute AMRAPs… First, involving 200m runs, Hip Taps, Slam Balls… The 2nd includes Row/Run, Burpee Box Jumps (only 3 per set:), Pushups and KB Snatch. Sounds like a full body workout to me!

Tuesday: We are getting after it on Tuesday. Cleans, Jerks, Double Under’s and 400m Runs. We will rinse and repeat and you will get an incredible sweat!

Wednesday: Oh Boy! Running, KB Swings and Pullups… Oh Boy! Don’t miss Wednesday #justsaying

Thursday: Quality stations continues. Front Squats, DB Floor Press and Pistols. Scales will happen and they will be good scales. Rowing for Cals and Turkish Get Ups to follow.

Friday: Bodyweight city… Pushups, Situps, Flutter Kicks (abs), Dips, Hello Darlings. #tgif

Cheers to chasing excellence!

The O-Board Says…

1-10 minutes
200m Run
20 Hip Taps
20 Ball Slams

10-20 minutes
200 Row/Run
3 Burpee Box Jumps
6 HR Push-Ups
9 KB Snatch

Post by Chris; @cmoknows