CPM Week of Workouts: November 9 – 13

CPM Week of Workouts: November 9 – 13

Quote for this Week…

“Success is a series of small wins…..”


Monday: Part A = Back Squats… YES Monday! Part B will have some heavy-ish/condition’ish Back Squats paired with Burpees!

Tuesday: 25 Minute AMRAP with (2) buy-in’s of Clusters, Toes to Bar and then Lateral Burpees and Ring Dips. The remaining time involves Pullup’s, Pushups and Air Squats.

Wednesday: Sets of 5 with Power Cleans. Taking a percentage of those Power Cleans and mixing in some pushups and KB Swings for a conditioning delight.

Thursday: Quality stations of Deadlifts, Strict Chin Ups, and Hollow Holds. Followed by an AMRAP 12min of Rowing/Running, DB Push Press and Curtis P’s.

Friday: Double Unders, Weighted Walking Lunges and Running in a Fun Build Up kinda way:)

Cheers to chasing excellence!

The O-Board Says…

Part A.
Back Squat

Part B.
30 Back Squat
75 Burpees

Post by Chris; @cmoknows