CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 10-14

CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 10-14

Quote of the week…

When I lost ALL of my EXCUSES, I found ALL of my RESULTS!

Monday: (Strength Day) – Part A: 1-RM Push Jerk. Part B: 15-min AMRAP of deadlifts, hang power cleans and push press. Now if that doesn’t get your heart pumping, no worries we threw in a little running as well:-)??

Tuesday:  We start things out with a little “Annie on the Run” which is short distance running partnered with doubles and sit-ups. To finish things off we will do a little Sally WOD. You do not want to miss this one!

Wednesday: (Strength Day) – Part A: 3-RM Thruster build-up. Part B:Fran-kenstein– 3-rounds for time of Frankenstein Squats, Push Press and Pull-ups. 

Thursday:  Three 10-min EMOTM filled with lots of goodies. First we start off with box jumps and ring rows, then push-ups and wall balls and lastly KB swings and ball slams. 

Friday: “Death by Goblet” – 3-rounds for time of goblet lunges, SDLHP, goblet step-up, goblet squats and plank . This will for sure help fill out those jogger’s we will be sporting this Fall/Winter?


The O-Board Says…

A: Push jerks
*every 2-minutes
*increasing weight each set

7 deadlift
5 hang power cleans
3 push press
*Run 200m every 5-minutes

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