CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 2nd – 6th

CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 2nd – 6th

A negative mind with NEVER give you a positive life!

Fall? —This is by far my favorite time of year! Pumpkins? , candles, fuzzy socks and coffee ☕️. Hope you have all enjoyed September and are ready for another month of some amazing workouts!

Monday: (Strength Day) Part A: 1RM Split Jerk —off the back– followed by 6 Rounds (3 Minutes Each). Odd rounds consists of deadlifts, hang cleans and push jerks. Even rounds is max cal rowing!

Tuesday: We start off the day with some gymnastics. This is followed by a 3-round triplet of running, pull-ups and squats! ❤️  There is an option to #bassup today with a weighted vest for those who are looking for more of a challenge. ??

Wednesday: Midweek starts with a fun warm-up followed by a 20-minute AMRAP of rope climbs, running and handstand push-ups. No worry if you are not quite ready for these yet. We have some fun modifications to get you closer to your goals.

Thursday:  (Strength Day) Part A: 3-RM Back Squat ?  Part B: 10-rounds for time couplet of HEAVY Back Squats and Running! 

Friday: Great finish to the week with a 3-person team workout. P1 rows while partner 2 holds handstand and P3 holds top of deadlift. Goal is to switch when one breaks.

New week, bring it on! 

Part A:
Split Jerk – off the back

Part B:
6 Rounds (3 Minutes Each)
Odd Rounds AMRAP:
9 Deadlifts
6 Hang Clean
3 Push Jerk

Even Rounds:
Max Cal Row

*rest 1 between rounds*
*start back at top, each round*

posted by: Nicole Z #bmamba