CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 30 – Nov 3

CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 30 – Nov 3

Trade you Expectations to Appreciation

and the World Changes Instantly

~Tony Robbins~

Monday: (Strength Day) Part A: 1-RM Squat Clean followed by 5 rounds for time of Hang Power Cleans, Front Rack Lunges and Bar Facing Burpees. My suggestion would be NOT to go too light or else you might face a penalty 😱

Tuesday: It’s HALLOWEEN—Don’t forget to dress up! 👻  Today our theme is “Don’t Drop the Ball 🎃 “. This is a 30-minute partner AMRAP filled with wallballs, sit-up toss with ball, Ball Run and a burpee penalty. I can’t wait to see all the costume pics! 

Wednesday: We start the new month off with 100 Toes 2 Bar 😳 ; every time you come off the bar you do a 10 cal Row. This is followed by a 10-minute AMRAP ladder of box jumps and seated DB curl and Press. New movement, we think you will dig it! 

Thursday: (Strength Day) Part A: 3-RM Deadlift. Part B is every 3-min for 15-minutes of sit-ups, step-ups, deadlifts and doubles!  

Friday: How Far Can You Go? 25-minute couplet of running and push-ups. Goal is to add 200m to each run and 10-push-ups to each round. 

It’s going to be a great week!  


Part A:
Squat clean

Part B:
5 Rounds for Time:
12 Hang Power Cleans
20 Front Rack Lunges
*12 Bar Facing Burpees every time you drop the bar

Punishment for going too light…. 50 burpees 😉

posted by: Nicole Z