CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 31 to Nov 4

CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 31 to Nov 4



Monday: We start the week off with the “Great Pumpkin WOD” – 30 min AMRAP of running, squatting, lunging, some core strength, wall balls, burpees and bear crawls! Remember to wear your costume! ?

Tuesday:  Time to get Chippy with some Doubles (100), Running (1-mile), Pull-ups (30), Rowing(400m), Back Squats (30), Waiter Walks (200m) and Power Cleans (30). Lots of goodies in this WOD!

Wednesday: We start with a 10-min EMOTM of handstand and hollow holds. Then jump into 1-minute stations of Power Snatch, Box Jumps, Row for Cals, Russian Twists and Doubles.  

Thursday: Part A: 2RM Deadlift followed by a conditioning 20-min AMRAP of 1 -HeavyDeadlift, 10 T2B and 15-Bar facing Burpees.  

Friday: Just in case you missed them last week, MAN MAKERS are back on the menu! 40-minute AMRAP of 20-Pull-ups, 10-Man Makers, 15-Knees to Elbow and 200m Farmer Carry.

See you at the gym! ?

The O-Board Says…

“The Great Pumpkin” WOD

30 min AMRAP
200 meter pumpkin run
100 black widows (thai plank)
50 Goblet Squats with Pumpkin
50 Frankenstein lunge
50 pumpkin toss (wallball)
50 bat burpees
50 “Pumpkin” Sit-ups***
100 m zombie crawl (bear crawl)

posted: by Nicole