CPM Week of Workouts: September 21 – 25

CPM Week of Workouts: September 21 – 25

Quote for this Week…

“The Best Way to Get to the TOP is to Get Off Your Bottom..”


Monday: All Hail Back Squat Monday! We will build up to a Strong 5 rep set (with no rack). Then use a percentage of your best set for Part B, a 12 min AMRAP of Double Unders and Back Squats.

*Tuesday: Annie decided to program some of my favorite movements in 6 stations. KB Swings, Box Jumps, Toes to Bar, Push Press, Ring Dips and Handstand Holds. They will be 1 minute each.

Wednesday: Overhead Squats for Part A. Part B has Overhead Squats and Pullup’s sprinkled with Farmer Carry’s between the sets.

Thursday: A conditioning style Fronts Squats to start. Then a 20min AMRAP with a weight plate for each movement (burpee’s, ground to overhead, russian twists and a 200m run).

Friday: “Lottery Burpees!” 20 min of… Pain? Pleasure? Both??

Cheers to Living Better Than Last Week!

The O-Board Says…

Monday Back Squat

AMRAP 12 min
100 Double Unders
10 BackSquat

Post by Chris; @cmoknows