CPM Week of Workouts: Nov 28 – Dec 2

CPM Week of Workouts: Nov 28 – Dec 2

Quote of the week

Success is on the other side of your comfort zone…


Monday: Let the Thanksgiving Detox continue! Part A: EMOTM of Burpee-over-bar paired with Deadlifts. Part B: 16-min AMRAP of Farmer Carry, Step-ups and DB/Ring Push-ups.  For those in the rowing challenge, there is no rowing in the workout which means you can come and row during class time! 

Tuesday: (Strength Day) Part A: Build-up to a 1-RM Squat Clean followed by 7-rounds (3-min each) of heavy squat cleans and running! No rowing in workout=open rowing during class time!

Wednesday: (Strength Day) Time to get your Jerk On! Part A: 1-RM Split Jerk build-up followed by Rowing, Wall Balls, Lunges and Doubles. Let just say the heart will be pumpin’ and the legs will be shakin’:-)

Thursday: Lets continue to burn some body fat! On the menu today is partner sprinting following by 4-rounds of front squats and burpee pull-ups. Three of my favorite things!!! No rowing in workout=open rowing during class time!

Friday: Great way to end the week with some gymnastics followed by 4-rounds of OH Lunges, Medball Cleans and Rowing OR Doubles – YOU get to choose! Now the question is what will you pick?

 Have a great week, ?  you at the gym!

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Odd: 8 Burpee over Bar
Even: 10 Deadlift

Part B:
200m Farmer Carry
20 DB Step Ups
20 DB Push Ups/Ring Push Ups

*No Rowing in workout = you can come in and row during class times!

posted: by Nicole