CPM Week of Workouts: June 13 – 17

CPM Week of Workouts: June 13 – 17

Quote for the week…

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”…Muhammad Ali 1946-2016


Monday: (Strength Day) = OH Squat paired with snatches!  Working 5 rep sets of OH Squats. Part 2 adds in the snatches along with some OH squats and rowing for 4-rounds.

Tuesday(Strength Day) = “Maupin” – (HERO WOD) – named after SSG Matt Maupin, who gave his life for his country. Four rounds for time 800m Run, 49 push-up, 49-sit-ups and 49-squats.

Wednesday: Time to work on those doubles! To start make sure to have a good Jump Rope. If you need one let us know, we can help you out. Double test for the starter. Think more wrist, less arms.  Followed by a 20-minute AMRAP of T2B, Lunges and Ball Slams.

Thursday: Heart Rate-booster! Guaranteed to rev your metabolism and get your heart racing—in more ways than one with a combination of wall balls, KB swing and burpees.

Friday: Count-on or for your Partner kind of day! You go/I go style AMRAP of Clean & Jerks, Box Jumps and 200m Sprints.

The real risk is doing nothing…get to the GYM!

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Overhead Squat

Part B:
4 Rounds
5 Snatch
10 OH Squat
500m Row
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