CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 17-21

CPM Week of Workouts: Oct 17-21

Quote of the week…

There is always a gap between intentions and actions!

Monday: (Strength Day) – We start off the week with a fun little shoulder to overhead build up. Part A: We begin with Strict Press working towards 1-RM (4sets) then onto Push Press 3-RM(4sets) and then Push Jerk 5-RM(4sets). One should be able to increase weight by 10-20% going from one movement to the next. We end the workout with a quick heart rate burst of sprinting!

Tuesday:  Partner WOD: 5-rounds, 4-minutes each of deadlifts, push-ups and max wall balls.

Wednesday: (Strength Day) – Part A: Snatch Complex.  Part B: “Scarecrow”  4-rounds for time of KB Hang Power Snatch, Double-Unders and Pull-ups. 

Thursday:  Time to really master the KB swing. Part A: 150-KB swings with a surprise visit from “Cindy”. Followed by 3-rounds of yet another leg blaster:-) This time we have split squats, weighted step-ups, body builders, sit-ups and wall balls. 

Friday: (Strength Day) – Part A: Power Cleans, 6-sets to find 3-RM. Part B: Ladder up of Power Cleans and Box Jumps. And just to make sure your HR stays fired up,  a 200m run has been added in between each ladder. 

See you at the gym!


The O-Board Says…

A: Strict press
* every 60-seconds

Push press
* every 90-seconds

Push Jerk
* every 2-minutes

B: Every 2min for 5rds
200m Sprint

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