CPM What Is Your Path?

CPM What Is Your Path?

I was recently listening to a Pierce Morgan Oprah Interview. He was asking some wonderful questions and one in particular that Oprah’s answer really got my attention!

He asked her why she had not ever run for office? He went on to say how great she would be at this and she replied with “It’s not my road” … She then said “I know my road and see it so clearly, that I don’t veer off of it” .

He then proceeded to ask her “What Her Road Was”? She said her road led to make people believe in themselves and help them find their true identity. She had no desire to run a country or serve in office because that did not follow suit to her “life Plan”.

This was so profound for me and made me want to immediately write down what my road was and were my actions and decisions leading me to my destination or was I taking myself on unnecessary unwanted detours?

I feel the older i get the more decisions I am faced with and sometimes the harder it is to go down the “path” leading me then it is to take a different route even though the route will lead to a dead end and staying on my path will get me to where I want to be!

So I challenge you, to not go on the path of least resistance .. but journey on the road that leads to the ultimate destination!

What is your path and where is it leading you?

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The O-Board Says…

A: AMRAP 20min
20 Front Rack Lunges (barbell)
15 Pike Push-ups
10 Body Builders

B: Finisher
100 sit ups for time

Posted By: Annie